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Comino offers unbroken views of the countryside and the sea, and protects all of its varied wildlife.

Large migratory birds are common in the spring and autumn as they make their way either North or South according to the season. There are also many butterflies similarly migrating which can be seen at these times.

Several other birds nest in the cliffs area and fly in large flocks over both the island and the sea. Their mastery of flying is a breathtaking sight to behold from any quiet vantage point.

There are thousands of small lizards on and around the rocks, generally sunbathing as they are reptiles. Comino is also a home to many wild rabbits and the occasional ( non-poisonous ) snake.

Flora is beautiful and endemic in many cases, and vibrant colours can be displayed, particularly in the spring.

The stars in the night sky seem to be bigger, clearer, and brighter on Comino. If you keep still and gaze at the heavens, you will be captivated by their beauty.